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What's your 15-second spiel?

I've done marketing and communications for large and mid-sized organizations since 1997, covering more topics than you'd believe. Pre-that, I taught writing and worked as a journalist for a few years. I have degrees in English and psychology and passions for science and travel. I've had great mentors and a lot of experience. Together they've made me good at what I do. References will back me on that, and I'd be glad to introduce you to some.

How much do you charge?

I bill at $90 an hour, sans nickel and diming. I also offer discounts for clients who’d like to reserve 40 hours or more over a period of time. Terms and availability for those deals vary, and we can talk through them if you’d like.

Can you bill a flat fee?

Most of my work is billed at time and materials, but I’m happy to invoice on a project-fee basis when the scope is clear enough that I can reasonably estimate how much time I’ll need.

So you do estimates?

I do estimates. Most of my clients don’t request them after a project or two, but for a first project or fiftieth, if we can define what’s involved, I can get you a decent prediction of what it will cost and commit to billing there or below. 

Do you take credit cards?

I'm happy to take credit card payments for a small surcharge (determined by the service we'd use). Most clients pay by check, but I'm very flexible on billing and payment.

Can I get something right away?

I do my best to accommodate rush requests and can sometimes turn around small projects in a day or two. I'm also happy to start planning larger projects at any time. In terms of bigger deliverables, I typically have about 2 months of work in queue at any given time.

Got any references?

Yup. I can even try to match them to your field or the type of work you have in mind. Get in touch, and I'll round up some names. In the meantime, you might enjoy my wall of smiles.

Are you a designer?

I don’t do graphic design. However, as a former creative director and someone who’s worked closely with many designers over the years, I have a good eye for design and the ability to plan, brainstorm and problem-solve visuals. I also know great designers and can bring them into projects if needed.

Are you a programmer?

I’ve done basic HMTL, but I’d never call myself a programmer. I have tons of web experience, and I can make solid contributions to application development, including UI planning and design, wireframes and translating programmer-speak into English. 


Are you a copywriter?

In the same way that a good chef can fry an egg, I can write copy. Man, can I write copy. But to be fair, if that’s the full breadth of what you need, you can probably find another resource at a lower cost. If copywriting is a deliverable in a bigger picture, I’m a solid value and can probably help in ways you haven't even planned.

Where’s your office?

I work from home in central Tucson, Arizona. I typically meet with local clients at their offices or at friendly coffee shops and restaurants around town. I'm also open to bars and bowling alleys. Most of my clients are in other states, and we connect by phone, email and text.

What are your hours?

My hours vary somewhat, but I try to stick to a schedule of Tuesday through Saturday, with Sundays and Mondays off. I do my best work in the morning and often close up shop by 3:30 p.m.

Will you travel for work?

Hell, yeah. I love to travel, and I’m happy to do so for work when it makes sense for your budget to bring me in for meetings, work sessions, etc. I also choose budget flights and hotels and cover my own incidentals, so adding travel to your project doesn’t break the bank. 

What's that barking?

I have three small dogs who graciously share their home with me. They're fierce defenders of our territory, letting everything from bicyclists to butterflies know that we're not to be messed with. If you and I spend any amount of time on the phone, you'll hear them at some point.

Do you do editing?

I do deep editing: looking at structure, style and content in the context of purpose, audience, medium, etc. It often means significant revision, but also significant improvement. If you’re looking for a proofreader or a light copy edit, I have some great resources I can refer.

Can you work on my book?

I’ve had several people ask about this. I have yet to say yes but have offered to help informally in various ways. What it takes to truly develop a book isn’t a good fit for how I work. That said, your project might be the one I can’t resist!

Do you do ghostwriting?

I write for organizations all the time without my name attached to the work. I don’t, however, do content that will have someone else noted as the author. I know doing so is common practice, and I even understand why. I also think there are better ways to approach those challenges, and I’d be glad to share some suggestions. 

There’s a lot you don’t do.

That's not a question, but it does seem that way, doesn’t it? I'm a little surprised myself, considering there are so many things I do and love. What it comes down to is this: Over the years, I’ve learned not only what I enjoy, but also where I can really add value, and I’m fortunate to be able to focus my work in those areas.

Can I ask you something?

Ask me anything! Just drop me a line at

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